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Local Favorite Spots
Rincon & Miller Creek, 20 miles Mescal Road
Cienega Creek Natural Preserve, 47 miles Marsh Station
Chiricahua National Monument, 70 miles
San Pedro Riparian National Conservation, 70 miles
Ramsey Canyon Preserve, 40 miles
Cave Canyon, 49 miles
Carr Canyon 42 miles
Mount Graham, 101 miles
Cactus Picnic Area, 49 miles
Coronado National Memorial Park, 52 miles


There are many examples of native wildlife, animals, rocks and minerals along the dirt trails near us.  A short walk heading to the highway leads to the pipeline trail with cactus, lizards, jack rabbits, birds and road runners to enjoy, looking on the ground you may find quartz with gold or silver veins running through them during the summer months. At night you might find a male tarantula looking for a mate.

Walking following the pipe line to Madison hang a left to W. Harvest Way and go to the wildlife watching pond next to the animal shelter, where you can watch migratory birds in the fall, winter, and spring.
You can take a right out of the park and go to the road, turn left then a right along the highway and railroad tracks to the wash, then follow the wash down to N. Ocotillo Rd. and turn right back to to the park, this is a 4 to 5 mile hike, so be ready. There are lots of trails on the AZ State land Trust north of Ocotillo Rd after it turns to dirt that will take you to the foothills where you will find Saguaro Cactus and many photo ops.
There are miles of trails on the Arizona State Land Trust for hiking, off-roading but a permit is required. Very easy to get on line for $20 for family per year.  We are also close to BLM land s and National Forest.  You can spend months exploring and not see it all.

Caution: ALWAYS CARRY WATER WITH YOU. Never enter a wash when its raining due to flash foods, never get to close to the wildlife, depending on the time of the year there are rattle snakes, scorpions, javelines, coyotes and others roaming out there.